About Grub24

Finding the things you need, whenever you need them the most is very important. With GRUB24, we created an amazing framework that makes it easier than ever to food and groceries at a very good price. Our commitment is to quality and we are constantly pushing the boundaries to deliver an amazing set of solutions.

What is this Grub24 thing anyway?

We know how hard it can be to find the right restaurant in your region. Ever since our company was established in 2018, our focus has always been on bringing in front the best solutions and professionalism. Our quality and attention to detail are second to none, and we are constantly expanding our service to new locations all the time.

Since we are creating a new infrastructure unlike anything else out there, we are great innovators and our focus is always on growth and success. We believe that nothing is more important than bringing in front the right quality and professionalism. When you work with us, you will appreciate the fact that we are constantly pushing the boundaries. We do learn a lot along the way, with our true focus being to provide customers with an amazing experience and the best opportunities on the market.

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How about the journey so far, how has it been?

2018: Grub24 was founded in Birmingham, United kingdom

With experience of managing food delivery service startup which was eventually acquired by a bigger rival, Grub24 was founded in a 100sq feet office space in Birmingham

First order was placed on Sep 10,2018 6:13:38 pm

2019 to now

We moved to our beautiful new office in London

600% year on year order increase with expantion to other cities throughout the UK